Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Rooney and Ronnie Show


Day two of the new Premiership season (that's soccer for my faithful US readers!), and United thrash Fulham 5 -1. Enough to bring a smile to the weariest face. And I publicly eat my words after the World Cup, when I was decidedly amongst those who wanted Ronaldo out of Old Trafford. Today was the Rooney and Ronnie Show, and (though I confess to finding it hard to actually like Ronaldo) the Portuguese lad's play alongside Rooney was great to see.

Football is often said to be a modern equivalent of tribal warfare; if so, the World Cup always affects who belongs to which tribe. But now that Nationalism has been put away, and again we are free to enjoy the clearer allegiances of commercial materialism - sorry - Club, Rooney and Ronnie's summer spat is history. It's a heart-warming tale of forgiveness, a lot of money, and a manager that both players are scared of.

Plus, for a while all United fans are free to dream again of glory days: enough of this sunshine nonsense, and roll on the winter, season of rain, mud, red cards and goals galore!

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chorus girl said...

How odd... I was just posting to someone about preferring my sport unadulterated by nationalism. Well, what I actually said was that, as an American who started following Test cricket a few years ago, I am still thrown by the way that the whole "playing for your country" thing means that every dispute becomes a diplomatic incident-- as opposed to the straightforward sort of nastiness involved when something untoward happens at, say, an Orioles-Yankees baseball game.

*Still waiting to see whether the current Eng-Pak Test will have a Day Five...*