Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kristina, I am Strictly all yours

Thank God John Sergeant is out of Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars UK version, for our US readers). Why?

Because now Kristina Rihanoff is all mine.

Oh yes. I'm sorry, it's been nice having the BBC's chief political correspondent make a total fool of himself week after week. And I totally agree with him that the public should decide this, not the judges - especially after they have excercised such outright bully boy tactics.

But John, Kristina is wasted on you. There she sat on Claudia's couch tonight, crying, and you just let her. Shame on you. She is the brightest thing on TV. I mean - goodness. It's not just her dancing and (oh so) clever playing of the partnership & the show - it's her comments before & after each dance I love. Her amazement they got away with it.

Here's a great summary of their early career on the programme.

But as I said. All is done. And now Kristina is mine. So I'm away, dancing in the stars...

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