Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fingers of Fudge

A reunion 20 years in the making. The original Five Fingers of Fudge recording was made in 1989, and now, for Chris & Ruth Holmwood's 40th Birthday Bash, we finally put "musical differences" aside and re-formed.

The role of Andy Jack was lovingly re-created by Jez Bennett, with the Revd Dr Michael Ward, foremost CS Lewis scholar of our age, recreating the role of Spud, a role he of course first made his own back in the late 1980s. Chris & I are playing ourselves. And OK then...

Here we are at that 1989 concert. Andy on the left, Chris seated (and the only one vaguely recognisable), Spud next (yep, the self same Revd Dr Michael Ward) and y.t. on the right. Sigh. All that hair.

15 minutes rehearsal in 20 years. Made no difference. Except - age has taken its toll in other ways than hairlines and waistbands; we had to sing down a whole tone. And that was the first time we had ever toned down a performance in our lives. Ruth's father has spent 20 years asking for us to sing at his church; now he'll spend 20 years asking us not to.

Happy birthday Chris and Ruth! O yes - the other song (in which 2 single clergy compare the merits of their existence with 2 Islamist royalists). And a visual joke for asthmatics.

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