Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Frost/Nixon is the second excellent film I've seen this year. This clip is for the original interviews, the real Frost/Nixon encounter. But the latest Ron Howard movie is engaging, gripping, well-acted and enjoyable. A good old fashioned double-hander, with two fine actors occasionally chewing the scenery.

So: 2008 - 0 (1, if I'm allowing QoS); 2009 -2. And we are still in January. Tonight I had a second look at Slumdog Millionaire - and it was still fantastic. Glorious. The archdeacon was off to see Parradine/Milhous, so I shall have to see if he enjoyed it.


camillofan said...

I thought you *loved* QoS! Have you re-evaluated?

I saw WALL-E in '08 and thought it was excellent. All the other great films I saw last year were oldies.

Marcus G said...

Yes, but I loved it as a James Bond movie - not as a movie in its own right. I love the Star Trek movies, but I'm not claiming them as great and shining examples of cinematographic art.

Slumdog is just a great film. Frost/Nixon is also very good. I don't think anything I saw last year came close to this standard, apart from Son of Rambow, which alas I only saw on a plane. If I'd seen that in a cinema, it would probably have impacted me as much as F/N.