Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Days

Here we are then. First video from Big Band Praise.

I've been wanting to do a full band arrangement of Tim Hughes' Happy Day for ages. Time, and opportunity, have conspired against me... until this last week. It's not perfect, and I think it's not finished, but it was great fun, and a great first attempt!

One of the very first arrangements we ever tried was Tim's Whole World song. That and Shout to the Lord formed the very first CD trial we ever did, before we'd ever played jazz worship 'live'. But 'Whole World' only started to work 'live' back in October this last year! Actually, I even thought it didn't quite work on the CD we released... which means, it didn't sound there like it did in my head. Now it's sounding like it does in my head.

And finally (for now) a Big Band Praise favourite: Yes Indeed! (Which is why that phrase keeps coming up in comments, for those of you who have never been). Usually this features plenty of trombone solos, but this time I switched it around a bit & had Fraser & Joe battle away on saxes instead.

This is just for the fun of it! Smiling should be an inherent part of worship.

Thanks to Malcolm Jenkins for filming this. I'll probably post a couple more clips before we're done!

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