Monday, June 08, 2009

Moral Victories?

The Tories won in Wales, & almost everywhere else, but with such a small percentage of the vote they'd have fewer MPs in Westminster than they do now if this was a General Election. UKIP beat Labour across the UK as a whole. The BNP have twice the Plaid Cymru representation in the new European Parliament. A third of the electorate bothered to turn out & vote.

Moral Victories? Across Europe, the far right advanced. Even Mosley's fascists never got elected to anything significant in the '30s, and this weekend saw something in our time and in our land that we might try to ignore - but we'd be foolish to dismiss.

Tell me I'm a fool to repeat my warnings about twelve years of diminishing civil liberties now. This doesn't mean anything. It's a protest vote. A fluke.

But if I was in power today, I'd be cancelling ID cards, restoring habeus corpus, and putting cast iron guarantees on every civil liberty I could think of. Because this weekend the unthinkable happened; and instead, all I hear of is individuals working out how it benefits them, and how to protect their power/advance their claim on power.

Does anybody actually care about society any more?


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

some of us do..........

Anonymous said...

My favourite piece of news was Cameron telling of his great victory... 30% of 37% of the electorate... loosing percentages despite their move away from the EPP.

As you know, I try my hardest to be a staunch Labour supporter, but it is difficult in times like these following 12 years of many ups but also a steady decline in social -society- value.

Sometimes I wonder if a one-party-state might help things improve. Then I realise that it hasn't for the last 12 years...

Labour's 1997 landslide might have been the worst thing for the left of politics because we have been stuck with an authoritarian-statist-market driven mishmash of ideology that has damaged the image of left of centre politics.

Damaged the image of politics.

Anonymous said...

Yes some care deeply about society if not for ones self but our childrens future and all the lovely hard working decent people we know...deep sigh... joyce