Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy Love

This morning I bought the latest CD by Michael Buble. You can click here to have a listen to it. There's a lot less big band than on previous recordings - though the vocal version of Basie's All of Me is well done - and the opening Cry Me a River is the definition of "overdone"... I began to wonder if Mr B was auditioning to make a Bond movie title track.

But I will forgive a lot of things for this: the man can sing. He has a simply great voice that effortlessly encompasses emotions and notes and words, and does what a singer should do. I will never forget the concert in Cardiff a few years back where I heard him give the greatest singing performance I think I will ever hear from this kind of artist (though sadly neither will I forget other times when he has been decidedly average). This recording put mne in mind of that great evening: Buble is some kind of singer, even if his material is distinctly variable.

There's a lot of sixties and seventies influenced motown stuff here, and it's not bad; his pop side gets a decent outing, and I'm warming to it. It's a very middle of the road CD... BUT he can sing!

(Though listen carefully - apparently the word "that" has two syllables; almost invariably he sings "a-that"!)

£9.85 well spent. I will keep listening. And enjoying.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Michael Brulee! I'll be in touch.

Marcus Green said...

Indeed! Nice to hear from you William...
And I guess we are both looking forwards to the good Doctor coming back to us soon!

Anonymous said...

I like Creme Brulee... rather like him very smooth...ha joyce