Friday, October 23, 2009

When things go Right

Last Saturday my fridge started to make a terrible noise. Normally, for it to go wrong my Mum is somewhere around, but on this occasion it did it all by itself. Everytime the engine kicked in, it fair roared.

On Tuesday I got around to ringing up the warranty people.

It took two minutes for them to arrange to come out and repair it - on Thursday. Which I thought pretty good. Often they tell you it will be a week on Wednesday. Two days seemed fine to me. The fridge was working - just at rock concert volume. They said I would be contacted early on Thursday and given a two-hour slot during which the repair man would call - again, excellent; how often have we all had to wait in all day for these people?

On Wednesday they sent me a text reminder. On Thursday at 7.55am I got another text - the chap would come between 1pm and 3pm. He actually arrived at 12.50pm, which was again excellent - right at the start of the window. He rang me just before arriving to check I was there. He took one look at the fridge, asked where the noise came from, told me he knew exactly what the problem was, checked he had the part on his van and fixed it. He had left my house by 12.55pm.

And the fridge works perfectly.

When things go right (after they've gone wrong) there is something inside you that goes - THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE! How easy was that! No problems, no awkwardness, no hanging on the end of a phone having to press "4" then "7" then "1" then being cut off and having to do it all again... No waiting and waiting, and then being told that there was nothing wrong, or that it was my fault, or that he'd have to come back in a fortnight as the part needed to be ordered from Siberia.

It was just perfect.

Thank you Indesit.


Anonymous said...

Glad it is fixed so promptly,so that means we wont have to vacate the kitchen and lounge in the comfy chairs again to do bible study next week?..joyce

Marcus Green said...

Joyce - we'll be in the creaky chairs of the dining room next Wednesday: it's PodCaths time!