Saturday, February 12, 2011

a thing of wonder

So I went to Die Fledermaus at Welsh National Opera tonight. Great. Great orchestra, good singing, fun evening. Soprano didn't have all the high notes. Enjoyed it. Excellent seat. Fig ice cream in the interval.

And I got an email that I think ends a long running saga and will sort out an issue that needs sorting out.

And OF (the training I do in the park) was fantastic all week, with this morning feeling like Spring is on its way. Good bunch of people - I so enjoy being with them.

But that's not the photo. In the Manchester Derby, Wayne Rooney scored a wonder goal. A wonder goal because of its skill. A wonder goal because of its intuitive audacity. A wonder goal because people have been moaning about how he's not the Rooney of old - and that's the way to silence critics. A wonder goal because context is all, and big matches deserve big goals. A wonder goal because it won a good game decisively and defeated a team that had been on the up.

Fast passing movement, a flick out wide, a good pass into the centre, and Rooney launched himself up & over into the kind of bicycle kick that almost never works. But this did.

A night out at the Opera. A problem solved. Sunshine & warmth after the cold & the wet. A wonder goal at Old Trafford. I have a smile on my face & gratitude in my heart. God is good.