Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Easter Hymn

The Lord is here! He stands among us now
In risen glory and with smiling grace
He speaks His peace, He breathes His Spirit's power,
And warms us with the light of Love's embrace.

We see the hands that nails have pierced and torn,
The marks of grief upon His feet and side:
These victory scars with joy are gladly worn,
They say with triumph this day death has died.

The night is gone and daylight is restored,
Our fears are banished by the hope He brings:
With trembling knees we bow before our Lord
To be raised also by our King of kings.

So now we stand with songs of rising praise
And sing the anthem which can know no end:
Confessing Jesus ever and always
Our Lord, our God, our Saviour and our Friend.

After St John 20.26-28
Tune: Woodlands 10 10 10 10