Friday, December 28, 2007

Hacked Off

I got an email message from a friend - a musician friend, someone I got back in touch with through MySpace. Asked me to check my MySpace site. Thought I might have been hacked. And there on the site were two other messages - one from someone I don't know, one from someone I'd seen after he'd left the message, but who hadn't mentioned it when he saw me.

The bulletin feature had sent out a link to a porn site. From me.

Yep, I reckon that's a hack.

Now - changing a password is easy enough to stop that going on too much. But you do start wondering all sorts of things. I have anti-virus, spyware, anti-hacker protection. The password is not anywhere on the site. How did they do it? How did they get my password? Just as a precaution I have rotated a number of passwords across a number of sites as a result.

They only did one thing. I think. One mildly embarrassing thing. A useful reminder these things happen.

And why did they do it? I have 70 friends on MySpace: how much bother was it to find a password and then send out a bulletin to 70 people? If I'd had thousands of links, that would make a bit more sense, I guess. But to 70?

I guess they just weren't enjoying Christmas Eve telly.

So: if you got a link to a porn site from me the other day - I apologise, it wasn't me that sent it; though if it made your day, I'll keep your secret. Your comment won't get published!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

... to one and all!

In my time-honoured fashion, I have left it far too late to send cards and write letters, so this is all you get- nothing to hang up or throw out, just a quick click and a browse through a festive greeting. Like you are really dying to hear about what I've done for the last twelve months.

And after all, what is a blog for if not to keep you up to date? So here on these pages are stories of doubts, triumphs and failure, stuff at church and big band gigs, weddings and holidays (none of the former my own, all of the latter definitely mine), meeting up with friends from past and present, home and abroad, and various kind people's responses to all the above. Feel free to add your own.

It has been a varied year. I'd love to proclaim unfettered joy and success, but that would be untrue. In my forties I find different certainties and doubts, which keeps life interesting. Migraines and depressive patches haven't been as prevalent, and general health has been on the up - could it be that lots of exercise and a healthy diet really are good for you? In church life I am grateful for new colleagues - Gill and Kirsty - who are superb, though saying farewell to Naomi was really hard, and there has also been a new dynamic of spiritual expectancy in healing and teaching. The Furnace at New Wine Cymru was an unexpected highlight of the year. In music, new opportunities keep opening up, notably with the National Big Band of Wales this year, but also with the small group stuff in and out of church. Though I often feel that jazz is most properly a young man's game, & I can only cling onto that by surrounding myself with kids these days & borrowing their energy...

I should say something profound and spiritual: and I think the most profound thing I can offer is this - thank you. Thank you for the friendship of years that this time of year brings to mind. Presents abound, and we give because God gave to us the most precious gift; but for me, in simply human terms, and though we may only share in it occasionally and even then for some of us who live far apart mediated by the wonders of email and internet, the fact that you read down to here says an awful lot about our friendship. Thank you.

Nadolig llawen. Come visit. Peace be with you.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's Snowing!

Though you might need Broadband to see it...
Click here!

Friday, December 07, 2007

More Big Band Gospel

Just to say that I've now heard Byron's audio recording of the Big Band Gospel concert - and it's the best recording of a "live" event I've heard for ages.

I've posted one track from it on my audio songs window on my MySpace page. When you go there, something will start playing - but click on "Fly Me To The Moon" (one of the two none-Gospel tracks I sang!) and have a listen. The National Big Band of Wales sound great, and I don't think I spoil things either!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Many, Many Pleasures

So I got a comment from "MMP" and didn't know who this was.

Who did I know with those initials?

Well. MMP wrote another comment, and this time I had the common sense to click on MMP and trace back to their blog, entitled The Muddled Market Place. MMP. Not their real name! But instantly recognisable, and a pure pleasure - Camillofan you need to go there: it kind of looks like Pleasant View School House, but all skewed and turned on its side, and made real. It is a total joy, and made me smile for ages.

The fact that I know MMP really well made it all the better, but I commend this site to all my friends - a wonderful & unpredictable read!

The picture - just a random pull off the site. You'll find city streets and roses jostling for position. Or this; from this entry, as a taster. Enjoy!