Thursday, June 08, 2006

24 Hour Praise People

And still my heart is soaring.

For a new vision is beginning to grip me - a vision of calling others to join in our salvation songs, a vision of 24 hour praise people across the land taking the time to worship Jesus together. What if next time it's not just us and David's friends in India, but many churches all over the place joining together for 24 hours of worship? What if the idea of 24 hour worship were not just to be a calling for St Catherine's in Pontypridd, but a calling for all sorts of churches to join in with?

So I am writing to friends and asking them to pray. I am praying that the idea will stir hearts and souls and cry out to people to join us. We are a generation that has seen an amazing revolution in worship, but now to our songs and our bands and our skills and our equipment we add perseverance and an unstoppable desire to be with Jesus.

I had a perfect day in 2005. January. I was in Wengen. Every part of the day was perfect - the skiing, the weather, the food, the time with people, the time alone. It was a perfect day. I felt amazingly well, and knew it was a special day as it happened. Not just a good day - a perfect day. Last weekend was like that, but more so. And so was Monday. And Tuesday was pretty good. And so today (Thursday) is too. I want to invite Christians to take part in a Perfect Day of praise. We are going to do it again here. I can't wait!

Let me know if you want to join in.

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