Saturday, July 15, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Day two of my holiday. Glory. How I love holidays.

I went to see Superman yesterday: visually stunning, but character-wise not exactly how I see it all. Alas. So a mixed feast. And now I am in the splendid home of John and Clare, along with their sons Micah, Simeon and Daniel. Matt is with me, very much enjoying the female companionship of Sheba. (Cue mental "Arrival of Queen of" music) Sometimes I worry that Matt doesn't have the famed Queen's paramour's discretion with the ladies.

And I got to see John at work - Juggling John - eating fire and escaping from chains and a straightjacket. Wonderful. Doing what he loves, entertaining the crowds, and doing it very well too.

And though this is day 22 of my current migraine (never fear - the record is still six months off!) my head is cooling nicely and I think the end is in sight. Which is good. Holidays are great for de-stressing, and even on day 2 the ability just to sit with a book, or read a paper, or spend time writing the blog, or watching a film, or walking Matt in a beautiful park and eating a cake from Raymond Blanc's place on St Giles - just the chance to do these things does a man good!

Holidays mean health. It's as simple as that. Thank the Lord for such precious gifts, and may the rest of these two weeks be equally wonderful.

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