Thursday, November 16, 2006

Casino Royale

Loved it. Not perfect, but fantastic Bond. Superb acting, great set pieces, good music (nice nods to former film scores along the way - especially in the brief "falling in love/recuperation sequence", very OHMSS); slightly messy storyline with too many endings - although the final, final ending might be one of the best endings of any Bond movie ever.
Thank goodness for a real actor and a decent director.


chorus girl said...

Wait a minute, now: don't you be dissing my Pierce Brosnan, even by implication! I'll see the new Bond, and I may even like it, but I'll continue to think on PB's tenure fondly. :-)

Ricky Carvel said...

I've finally seen it. Quite entertaining really. See my full thoughts on the subject on my blog.

Its not easily comparable with the PB Bond films in that they were all about gadgets and girls and megalomaniac baddies. While the new one is about the origins of a woman hating, trust no one, trained killer.

Goldeneye remains my favourite Bond film. Although Moonraker, being the first I ever saw in the cinema, will always have a special place in my heart...

Marcus G said...

7/10, Ricky? I will see it again, though I am not gripped with a desire to do so soon; and I will buy the DVD (but I have them all - so I have to). 8/10 for me.

The best review I heard was that the whole movie was a pre-credit sequence. Exactly. Now, let's see the feature. I only hope it measures up!

And having read your review, I entirely agree with your age comment: 12A seems low to me too. The tortue scene alone moves it up to a 15 for me.