Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who will be the Tardis' next Ten(n)ant?

So it's official, we're moving on.

I guess there's a time in every Time Lord's life when he looks into the camera and addresses the nation to sounds of hysteria in the Royal Albert Hall, as he (Els-inor-ewhere) prepares to kill Captain Picard. As Hamlet.

And we shall just have to learn to love another as we learned to love Mr Tennant ("David Who?"), the only Doctor so far named after a 1980s pop star. It was love at first sight ("New teeth") and we can only hope that we find it again. After all, the irreplaceable Jon Pertwee was followed by Tom Baker - and David rightly saw that Tom overstayed his welcome, whereas Jon did not, though he never had a decent role again. (Worzel Gummidge? I mean...)

Thank you all involved. The ride has been lovely. Here's to the next Time (Lord).

And here's David's full interview on the BBC iPlayer - so it may not be available to those of you beyond these shores.

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