Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I was wandering over at Camillofan's place, and came across a little piece on unexpected likes. I couldn't let it pass. I mean - harmonica music? What kind of oxymoron is that? But others have differing tastes, even defending accordians. I know it sounds unlikely...

I accept over the years I have had a few unusual moments myself.

I recently bought on Amazon a fantastic CD of orchestral music by Gerald Finzi, including his Eclogue for Piano and String Orchestra. Here's a (slightly less than excellent but still OK) version on YT.

Why is this unusual for me? Cos it's one of my top ten pieces of music ever. Ever. I heard it when I was fifteen in an English lesson, with Eric Whittle. He used it to tell us what it meant to be a man. I don't remember a word of what he said, but I think he communicated perfectly.

And at the same time I like this. And this. And yes, even this! (You have to watch the whole thing - I love the pianist, and the face one of the violinists' pulls, and suddenly at the end we are back with a squeeze box...)

Camillofan of course defends harmonicas. And even accordians. (The definition of a gentleman: someone who know knows how to play an accordian, but doesn't. The guy in the gutter in that last YT clip clearly knows his place.) Which brings us back to the Piazzolla at the top of this piece. After all, tango isn't music, it's accompaniment to dance; and Libertango's not accordian music, it's a cello piece. (Yo Yo (mo)Ma, as they say in the 'hood.) Pretty racy cello music...

Of course, there are things one should not own up to (liking harmonicas, knowing the name Larry Adler - Camillofan, honestly!) and I resisted putting any links up to SClub7 videos on that basis. Or confessing I am enjoying seeing Rachel Stevens every week on Strictly Come Dancing.

But go on - I dare you: my dear readers, name some of your guilty pleasures. Who's to know? This blog is only read in four continents...

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