Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cafe Church 2

So we did it again. More people came - as David Carver said they would, though I didn't believe him! Actually, half as many again. And with a couple of excellent songs from Matthew Truelove, lots of minced pies and all the twelve trees in church lit up, it was lovely. (You can of course see TL singing here. Enjoy!) We had some friends (not regular church attenders) there - which was super - and Matthew Jones back from Uni on his 19th birthday. So we sang 'Happy Birthday', which he secretly loved.

In content, this is not a million miles away from a usual Sunday evening.

In feel, it is a small departure, but small things can be significant: and given the way that folk are responding to this form of worship, I think we shall let it run on. January 18th or 25th for the next one.

P.S. Day 17 of the lurgy. On antibiotics. A bit better.

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