Sunday, December 21, 2008

Strictly Comparisons

Did you vote? Did you care? Tom & Camilla stumbled in the first part, but maintained their top rankings in the audience vote - & it turned out that the Great British Public were right, I think. This competition should be won by the best "showdance" (what the Americans call "freestyle").

T&C had that. The weakest link in a great final ended up being the best finalist and a worthy winner. An encouragement to all of us who feel outshone by those around us! Keep going!

And the old romantic within me (never far from the surface) always enjoyed his story - so desperate to do this that Tom moved his wedding day and postponed his honeymoon. Added to which, Camilla had been in two previous semi-finals... They even made me switch allegiance from Lisa and Brendan...

But: a little comparison. Get through the (overlong) intro. Be prepared for some familiar faces on the judging panel. What follows is the best showdance in the most recent American series. And T&C might not have had it their own way against Brooke and Derek.

What do you think? Pretty impressive, hey? (And streets ahead of anything else on that show.)

Sadly, I remain in total awe (and perhaps a little envy) of these people. I don't even know how many feet I have. But I'm sure they're all left...

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