Monday, January 12, 2009


Blessings come in many shapes and sizes. I found a little video clip on my laptop of Matty playing in the garden; it made me smile, and I confess that I have missed the dog inordinately this trip. There is a Springer in resort, and he makes me think of mine every time I see him.

I guess Gill losing her cat just before New Year has also had its effect.

On Saturday night I had a super evening with Paul and Sarah Parker, pictured here from church on Sunday evening, with Maggie Gerber and I, as I took the opportunity to bless their marriage. They were married in Interlaken last September, just after St Bernard’s was closed for the autumn break, and so we promised to bless them as soon as the church opened again. It was a real delight to keep that promise, and to make a special moment for them and a few friends.

Earlier Saturday I had taken time with Jutta van Eeghen Fischer (formerly Launhardt – she asks me to point this out as last year she was blessed when after I mentioned her in my blog, someone Googling her came up with that report and picture, and then managed to get in touch with her; so now I am pleased to repeat the service with extra info!). It will be two years this week since Ernst died. I always find time spent with Jutta deeply touching, because we speak deeply of the way the Lord deals with us in all sorts of situations. And then we prayed a blessing on each other.

The Goldhill mob have arrived in Lauterbrunnen, and though St Catherine’s will not be making use of their fine services this year, it’s good to hear they have a good Welsh contingent from Glenwood, and if not to see St Catherine's at least to see St Catharine Morris, here celebrating her birthday.

At church on Sunday I met a lady who had heard me preach here three years ago and can still remember what I said. I don’t know if my sermon was really worth it, but I tell you – that lady was a real blessing to me, a true encouragement, and a gift amongst many during what has been a full but wonderful weekend.

Capped, of course by seeing on the web that Man Utd beat Chelsea 3-0. Happy days.

Then today, Monday, my final full day in Wengen for now, was spent with a group from the Ski Club following Maureen around the slopes. My final run was down one of the many Lager runs (honestly, but Lager does have an umlout): this particular one lies directly under the chairlift, and looks really scary as you ride over it. I've been dying to do it all week, and as I came down it at lunch time, I loved every moment of it. An exhilerating way to finish. Fantastic. A great blessing.

Now I'm hoping that the Heisse Marroni man will be in town at 4pm for one last time. It's a Monday, so it's only a slight chance. But it would be a nice way to round off the day.

Any chance, Lord?

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