Saturday, January 03, 2009

Matt Who?

I guess we'll find out. Sounds like he has a good theatrical background - I mean, they have cast an actor, not a face, despite his lack of years. And though I have never been a fan of a younger Doctor, I suppose I should reserve judgement at least until I have spoken to someone who might have taught him English...

And then till we see the chap do his thing. After all, what did any of us know of David Tennant really? And how terrific is he? And how glorious that we do have four more episodes of the best of Doctors so far.

Is it a sign that you are getting old when someone who is 903 looks so young?


Marcus G said...

A furious spate of texts between Wengen and Vienna established that CDJ Holmwood did indeed teach the next Doctor. And that CDJH, who was in his 20s (just) when teaching aforesaid trainee Timelord, does indeed now feel old.

Anonymous said...

I think you will grow to love this Dr Who he is a good actor...also his bone structure looks as thoughyou he could be from an alien land.ha...It looks beautiful from your photos and Im sure you are not missing Siberian/Ponty..We certainly wish for warmer temps....God Bless,