Thursday, February 12, 2009

90 Minutes

90 minutes till the planning meeting. Aled Edwards has come through - a genuine big gun on our side, a real answer to prayer - and we have a space for him to speak, thanks to Lesley Wilson who wrote in asking to speak, and has given her slot to him.

O Lord, please grant us a miracle.


Till then - something glorious from the Vivaldi night to calm the nerves.


Ceri said...

I'm really praying for the right outcome Marcus. The following verses have really been in my meditations in this situation - Ezekiel 36 vv25-27a. Bless you all at the meeting.

Marcus G said...

Thank you Ceri. We all felt the Spirit with us. Joyce commented that there was a sense of anointing on each speaker, and from my perspective I felt the touch of God deeply. The sense of being overwhelmed by his goodness at the vote was quite something. It was far more than I had anticipated. A deep peace and gratitude.

So - now we have a time for gratitude that the vision we follow is both safe and acknowledged in our community. And also a time to pray that the CRI find a site that helps their clients: the best result was always a "no" tonight, followed by a new site for CRI. We must continue to pray for the Lord's provision. We are only half way there.

Ceri said...

That's great cos I've been up thinking and praying over this for most of the night for the past two nights. I just have passionate feelings and pictures of St Caths really touching all corners of the community and providing solace, Christian advice and resources to all sorts of people, not just children and the elderly. In whatever way that can happen I don't know, but I'll continue praying. Have a joyous and relaxing evening. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Marcus - I was listening to the flute concerto and it won't load the last 12 seconds! Is it just my computer?

Enjoy the day.


Marcus G said...

It loaded for me & for Claire... you must be using that mac again.