Monday, February 09, 2009

The Shack

My new cleaner has almost finished her first shift. I know, but in the old days, there were a whole host of full-time servants here. I think I am quite restrained.

And you should try living in a shack like this.

O - you thought this was going to be about a certain book, did you? A little novel that makes God out to be like Guinan on STTNG? Right. Well, for those of you wondering about the latest must-read Christian publishing phenomenon (that doesn't have my name on the cover), Gary Smith puts his thoughts here. And for something at more of a remove, Ben Sternke on his blog has a recommendation for Michael Spence's one paragraph review of Roger Olson's 'Finding God in the Shack'."

Becky, my new cleaner, is still trying to find anything in this shack.


camillofan said...

How can something be the latest sensation in the evangelical publishing world (or whatever) and me not know about it? When did this book come out?

I am torn over whether to read it. On the one hand, it is a big hit, and I seldom touch those (The Purpose-Driven Anything, The Prayer of Jabez, Left Behind and its many spin-offs... all unread by me).

On the other hand, it is a book some conservatives disapprove of, and I'm always tempted to look at those (although even that aspect couldn't get me through a single Harry Potter book, not to mention The DaVinci Code).

I am such a rebel.

Marcus G said...

"Some conservatives" disapprove of everything, and thereby tempt all of us to behave badly in so many ways.

It just doesn't appeal to me. If you want to read a good contemporary novel with Christian themes, try one of Marilynne Robinson's. Modern literature at its best, with both Gilead and Home more than worth the work they demand of a reader.

the_exile said...

Well, I've read Gilead and The Shack and although I enjoyed Gilead and it is MUCH better written than The Shack, only the latter left me feeling challenged. The Shack is of its time and that time is now. I can't subscribe to either the extreme lovers' or the haters' views (this was my summary) but it will soften hearts and I think that is what many of us need.

That said - you nailed it with the Star Trek reference - Guinan is EXACTLY right!

Marcus G said...

You see, I have a degree in nailing things without actually having opened a page. 'Nuff said. 'Nuff read.

camillofan said...

Ever read any Frederick Buechner? Speaking of contemporary authors who write beautifully and treat themes that resonate with Christianity.