Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Fast Lane

Join Life in the Fast Lane! During May 2009 all of us at St Catherine's are encouraged to take part in a Fast and to pray in order to see God provide for us as we look to our Church Hall vision become a reality. It's not just a building we want to equip - it's a work in our community that will change people's lives, providing for children and their parents, and beginning something new amongst the elderly which will make life better, and ultimately offer God's love practically and effectively. So what's it about, and how can we all be a part of it?

1. Commit to praying for the money we need to make the work on the hall a reality (around £700,000 for the building, and a further £150,000 for salaries and expenses)
2. Choose something important in your regular routine (like drinking coffee, or using the internet, or watching TV, or reading the paper or eating something unhealthy, or anything like this!) and during the month of May, once or twice a week give it up
3. On those days, whenever you think about your coffee or internet or TV or whatever – take the hint and instead pray for the Lord to bless the work we want to do on the hall, and to grant us all the finance and help we need
4. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing (look up what Jesus says in Matthew 6.16-21) unless you absolutely have to tell one person so they can remind you to do your fast! But on Pentecost, the last day of May, we will celebrate how the Lord has answered our prayers.

Let’s all join together as a church family in playing our part in praying for God to bless us, and trusting that he will answer us & provide for our every need. It's not Marcus as our vicar, or Esther doing her work as fundraiser, or even the grant bodies we are depending on: the Lord is our provider. We will trust in Him!


the_exile said...

Love the picture - I wonder how many will take your cue and fast from hand-percussion. A shame they won't be able to tell us :-)

Marcus G said...

If I'd had a tambourine it would have been there. Not that it applies here, you understand... but thinking of the wider readership of this site, people could choose to fast on Sundays...