Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fly Emirates

Glorious, glorious. The dog & I danced for joy at the sight of the crowd flying the Emirates as United's third goal (a thing of footballing beauty - Arsenal take a corner, Ronaldo intercepts, passes to Park who strokes it to Rooney who runs, and with an open goal at the far end of the park passes it back to - Ronaldo, who scores, all in 13 seconds) puts the defending Champions back in the final. Glorious.

There has to be injustice of course. And Fletcher bore it. Hopefully the amazingly awful UEFA will allow him to play; or maybe not - his team-mates will play for him, and bring home an unrivalled back-to-back victory.

And here is the defeated Arsene Wenger, consoling his captain, Sylar. Is anyone else worried that Sylar plays for Arsenal? I mean. It's some foul to open your opponent's forehead and leave them bleeding on the ground, all their skills taken from them. And even having done that - to lose.

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Amazing... Keep rocking.word processing