Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't spend it all at once

So this is it; we're finally seeing the back of Ronaldo. Fond memories, and eighty million reasons to find them sweeter in the recalling.

No-one is bigger than the team. This last season, at times, we have seemed like the CR7 supporters club: and when Ronnie has been in a bit of a mood, the whole side has failed to gel. The focus has been lost.

Don't get me wrong; the lad's a marvel. But in all honesty, I'm quite happy for him to be someone else's marvel if it means we can get back to being a better-balanced unit again.

The Real Deal? Certainly a good deal for us, well struck. Don't spend it all at once, Fergie.

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Aled Edwards said...

Hi Marcus,

I hate it when you are right. My guess is that Sir Alex also thought the same thing.