Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singer of the World

I spent a couple of great evenings this week at the Cardiff Singer of the World competition (I know, it's a great title, isn't it). For those who may not be aware of it, it's one of the world's top singing competitions - we're talking opera, not American Idol - and, as you get from the title, it happens on the doorstep. I took Dick & Curly France last Monday night, when we saw Russian soprano Ekaterina Shcherbachenko (easy for you to say) win her round: she won the whole thing tonight, and was a worthy winner. Outstanding.

Her Gounod was great, her Stravinsky really quite something, but it was her Puccini that did it for me. I think that link will work for everyone, but the video may only be available in the UK. It is beautiful - beautiful. Apparently one of the BBC presenters couldn't speak afterwards because she was in tears - absolutely the right response, and if a competition entrant does that at this level, they deserve to win.

And Andy Murray won Queens. And England beat India. And the sun shone all day.

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Anonymous said...

Not only a worthy winner and so lovely to watch the only down side is her name, wonder if we can shorten it.Certainly look forward to seeing more of her. also I was pleased the young (21 yrs) won the audience prize, look forward to seeing senor Lucca mature. A great week s veiwing. joyce.