Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashion Conscious

The World of Who is buzzing with the news that Matt Smith has started filming as the next Doctor, and so we now know what he will look like in the role.

Blow that.

Have you seen what they've done to the TARDIS? It's blue again! Even I can tell it's blue! (Unless it's purple - I spent 35 years thinking Dairy Milk was blue, only to discover it wasn't; I can't tell you what a shock to the system that cultural re-write was.) And it's suddenly regained the little crest it had years ago as well. Seems to me the TARDIS has regenerated with the Doctor. I rather like it. I wonder if they've changed the desktop theme inside aswell?

But wait - who's that appearing through the mists of time? Now that ER is over, could it be that Dr Corday aka "the Doctor's wife" has had enough of all these flirty young things that travel around with her ever more youthful spouse? She doesn't look best pleased, does she?

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