Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mountain Mists

Maggie Gerber & I walked up to Scheidegg and over to Mannlichen today. If there had been no cloud, we would have seen for miles. But there was cloud - everywhere! And a little rain - most of which we avoided, thanks to cunningly positioned cafes along the route.

Good to spend time with Maggie, and to catch up, and to allow the Lord to work in my mind some plans for times ahead at St Catherine's as we spoke. The 24 Hour Events were born here. And now I think I understand more clearly how to work the homegroups in the months ahead. We shall see!

Finally the cloud started to break this evening. Mountains became slightly visible at the end of the valley! (We did have sun first thing... but not since, really.) Still, it is a joy to be here.

Internet access on holiday is a mixed blessing: it allows me to send "letters" to people I fail to keep up with in the normal rush of life, and of course, I do keep this blog, chat along on Facebook from time to time if I feel like it, and I freely ignore emails about weddings & banns & a host of other stuff (these will all still be there on Saturday) - but just occasionally people send me messages which I understand are personal to them (but requiring me to be the pastor), knowing I am away on holiday, and still slightly expecting me to deal with them today. Forgive me; I'll be home soon.

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Ceri said...

Hello Marcus sounds like the Brecon Beacons...