Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PodCaths - a new Podcast from St Catherine's!

PodCaths, our brand new Podcast, is now 'live'! Just click and listen. We think it's the first regular podcast from any Church in Wales church, and this is its very first edition.

PodCaths is a mixture of Bible study and conversation about God, taking place around the Vicarage kitchen table during our Wednesday lunchtime homegroup. Regular members are Joyce, Stewart, Yvonne, Julie and Bert, and on this occasion they were joined by Esther; I cook lunch and host the chat. Matt listens in! Actually, we didn't have a full lunch this time, just coffee cake, as this was a trial run.

It's not GodPod - we don't have all the answers! But we enjoy looking at the Scriptures together, and we thought that maybe our musings might encourage others in our church, and perhaps elsewhere too.

As I say, this was a kind of trial run, just to see if we could do it... Thanks to Geraint, who somehow has made it ping across the ether!!

We'll be hoping to record a new edition each month, or maybe more often if we have special guests visiting. So - watch this space! The PodCaths email is up and running as well, so we can have questions sent in & all the details will be on the re-vamped St Catherine's website when TL, Geraint & I have got that sorted. Write in to podcaths@st-caths.org when you've listened, or leave a comment on the stcatherinesnews.blogspot site.

Unfortunately, if you are just listening in, rather than being there in the room with us, the coffee cake remains only a sound effect. Though for best listening pleasure, you could always buy your own in order to have the full experience...


Anonymous said...

It was a good discussion I hope the podcaths carries on. I found it really interesting.
Tell me Marcus are they always so well behaved?
Joyce was joking with me in St Cath's car park just before the meeting about her posh voice, she decided just to be the lovely lancashire lass she is I am glad about that.
Looking forward to more, it gave me something different to think about

Anonymous said...

Wejhave such a brill time on this lunch time study I was afraid doing Podcaths could spoil it but it didnt,.....joyce

Anonymous said...

Joyce it is clear to all who would listen that you are friends getting together talking about the Bible. It is good to hear so many views. It encouraged me - looking forward to the next one

Stephen M Cousins said...

Hi, We enjoyed our time at the Bible study 26/08/2009.

Looking forward to the next one!

Stephen and Maryann