Wednesday, September 16, 2009


OK. It rained today. Pretty much all day. I moved from room to room, chatting to friends (mostly in the States) via the internet, reading the latest Margeret Atwood, listening to Count Basie & Verdi.

And then it was supper.

A fish main course - something untranslateable from the Lake. Fantastic. And for dessert, a pear and chocolate concoction involving the most perfect filo pastry. But I mentioned how much I had loved the Walnut terrine from 2 nights ago, so they included more of that too.

And most of a bottle of local white.

And a glorious cappuchino afterwards, with Champions league on the TV. Am I in heaven? Three and a half days of glory; even without much sun.

You know, I've had some friends on my mind while I've been here. People facing marriage problems, a couple I knew at college whose marriage has ended, a couple who are very much still together but whose kids are often ill - I had a dream about some of these. I have my own problems. My own troubles. Life has its kicks. And its blessings. We have to count the blessings when we feel the kicks. And the blessings are felt in each other.

And in the desserts in this hotel. Even in the rain.

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