Monday, October 05, 2009

Give Thanks

Harvest weekend at St Catherine's. Always time to stop and work out what there is to give thanks for - and there's always lots.

Personally, I took a couple of days away last week as my Dad had an op on his shoulder following a fall he had last December. He'll be fine now, though the recuperation will take a while. Technically he's not supposed to drive again till Christmas Eve... can't see that happening... But I am grateful he's had the op, and grateful for seeing him.

My mum had news last week that she has a small tumor in her bladder, but strangely this too is something to be grateful for. It could have been so much worse. This is an easily operated on form of cancer, and caught early (as it seems to have been) really straightforward. Of course it's a worry, but there's so much to be thankful for, and we pray on and wait to see what happens.

We had a lovely family gathering for Harvest, a super meal, with loads of people and great food, and again MGQ providing the music. Chris, Dan, George & Evan joined me this week - Tom was moonlighting in another band, and this was the first time Evan has played with MGQ, though of course he's been with the big band before. It was great fun. So good to enjoy the music as we brought the family of the church together.

And on Sunday, we brought our harvest offerings for Support for Romania, as they prepare to go to help orphanages, hospitals, doctors, prisons and schools next month. In the midst of all our stuff, it's good to give thanks and just to give. To give to those who need. To share. Freely we have received, freely we give.

We had a lovely family in for a blessing of their baby in the service, and again, it's a joy to share with such a family the love of Jesus and to tell them of his great love for them. No-one came up afterwards and told me they'd come to faith. But who knows what God is doing? Maybe I'll hear next week. Lord, grow the church and bless your people. And thank you for another harvest here - for seed sown and lives of righteousness being raised and reaped.

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What a brill.weekend it has been