Sunday, October 11, 2009


So after a long day (four services) - a long but really fun day, with loads of people around and a real sense of God blessing people - I decided to catch up onsome unnecessary stuff. I clicked onto Facebook.

The line at the top of my homepage read "72 new posts". It's been a day or two.

And being in a brainless mood, I read through them. This status update, from Rachel, a good friend from Oxford days, caught my eye:

Sermon, sermon, sermon... concentrate, concentrate, concentrate...
It amused me. We've all felt like that! It was followed by a great comment from someone I don't know called Mark:

Sermon ... MERLIN .... Sermon .... STRICTLY COME DANCING .... Sermon .... CASUALY ..... Sermon ..... the BBC are deliberately making it hard for us. And of couse Satrurday is the only evening available for sermon prep!! I've tried concentrating, studying and even using the force...but on the upside, there's still 12 hours before we have to actually preach.
I was so amused, I posted a reply:

I'm impressed by Mark. My version: 6.30pm: Oh God I have a sermon to think about... MERLIN... was there something I should be doing? STRICTLY... Feeling guilty... XFACTOR (on Sky+)... bed.
6.30am: Oh God - I have a sermon to think about...
Now. This was OBVIOUSLY a humorous comment. I mean, it didn't have a little drum kit cymbal sound effect going with it or a clown logo, but I would have thought that you'd have to be pretty brain dead not to get that there was a typical Facebook lightness of touch going on here.

And if you didn't know, you might grant a person you didn't know the benefit of the doubt given the medium of the message. You'd think.

So, for the benefit of Dan C, another person I don't know, who then wrote:

Well concentrate then and stop looking at Facebook. Just remner how much they pay you, that'll help
I'll add 2 things.

First - I preached four times today, two different sermons, with countless hours preparation going into them. A bit of self-deprecation goes a long way, and is enjoyed by very many people, but hard work doesn't enjoy being belittled by ignorance.

Second - Father moaned over lunch that the sermon was too long. Mother nodded, and wished that Sunday School seemed a bit more - well - prepared. James (13) added that the guitarist was out of tune. All morning. Helen (6 and a half) said she didn't think it was at all bad for 50p.

And I think Guinevere is too good for that wimpy Arthur, Ricky Whittle was seriously undermarked, and the twins ARE annoying but not as bad as everyone says; Danni Minogue on the other hand...


Anonymous said...

So thats how facebook works. I knew I was doing something wrong I will try this out!

Anonymous said...

As ever, I enjoyed your sermon.

As ever, I forgot to tell you.

Thank you for the effort you put in, it is appreciated.

Marcus Green said...

Ah yes, that's it, pile on the praise.
I nearly posted a reply to the dear chap I don't know that went something like...
"You should have come to our church; actually the vicar preached and he was AWESOME. But then I may be biased.
I AM the vicar."

Given I think his sense of humour failed once...

And actually, in a more chilled out Monday frame of mind, clearly he was being thoughtless to Rachel not me. Doubtless she can handle it. She's a remarkable lady.

Anonymous said...

Yes I find X Factor compulsive viewing and end up putting my duties on hold till after,but I would say I find your Sermons compulsive viewing too and would say it doesnt seem to show when you have stayed up late and done two services before..... stamina? may be it stems from good Lancashire genes... joyce