Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News of PodCaths Spreads

Today I received an email from Bible Study Magazine, a magazine in the US that encourages people to engage in Bible Reading, telling me that they are running a short news item about PodCaths, our St Catherine's Podcast, in their next issue. Here's what they wrote:

Hi, my name is Adam Navarrete from Bible Study Magazine, a bi-monthly publication based in Bellingham, WA, U.S.A, that has regular circulation of nearly, 15,000.

In our forthcoming November/December 2009 issue, which will have an expanded audience of nearly 65,000 readers, we have in place a story on St. Catherine’s “PodCaths” for our In the News section.

The headline reads, “Podcast Bible Study Fields Questions from around the Globe,” with the following story:

At St. Catherine’s in Pontypridd (north of Cardiff, Wales), people from as far as Orlando, Florida are participating in biblical discussions by listening to an audio podcast and submitting questions via email. Anglican vicar Marcus Green leads Bible reading and informal, unscripted discussions that are often filled with laughter. The podcasts, or “PodCaths,” as the group refers to them, are available on the church web site under News at St-Caths.org.
Well - I have to say that I had a good look at the magazine's website & really enjoyed some of the articles, and though I don't know the people involved, and I do appreciate that in part a news story is an outreach to see if you can find new readers - from what I have read, if I found this magazine in a bookshop I would buy it. Anything that encourages good engagement with the Scriptures and gives good tools for people to help along the way has my vote.

It's good to find friends who share the journey, isn't it?

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