Sunday, November 08, 2009


Remembrance Sunday again. The hardest preach of the year, and as I am feeling the pinch and not so up for the fight, I opted for a fairly straightforwards talk with remembering, freedom and the cross lifting us to something greater, interspersed with some poetry and a little 1 Corinthians (adapted).

The singing group, the Tuesday Homegroup (which the Thursday Homegroup calls "the larks", they being "the crows") had their first public outing. They were excellent. They sang before the service - and laid a marvellous bed of worship on which everything else could rest. During the service "proper" they sang Wesley's "Lead me, Lord", and were fantastic. I was so delighted.

The weather was wonderful - the opposite of last year's downpour. And the turn-out? We say we are full at 350. But our figures record twenty more than that today.

It's interesting at a time of remembering to read back in this blog. I came across this. It made me smile bleakly. Two years ago. I could have written it yesterday; though I am feeling the pinch and not so up for the fight.


Anonymous said...

I'm growing to love Remembrance Sunday, in a strange sort of way. I'm not sure if it is because my brother serves in the army. I'm not sure if it's the nostalgic pagaentry that's in the air.

As a young person, who hasn't seen war, hasn't seen real suffering: the event lets me connect (in some small way)with those who have. The day lets me know that our stories are intertwined, and that they gave that I might have.

Thank you for the wonderful sermon.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note:
Talking with Joyce as we walked behind you and the parade today we both said how proud we were to belong to St Catherines. It was a great service. The singing group did us proud.
You may not be feeling up to the fight but you sure gave a powerful round.

Not so serious:
Homegroups, who said the Thursday group are "crows" OH Revd Green never say you are never up for the fight !
I now know why you laughed so loudly when we walked into church tonight! crows and larks indeed

Of course I am not going to say which homegroup I go to on here !!!

Give our love and prayers to your Mum

Anonymous said...

It was a really enjoyable service in every way,, we felt blessed in singing and worshiping our Lord and your sermon with the poetry,our Bert reading,the church full to bursting, the young and the old,it made a special day so thank you Marcus. Must remember to check for Pink Poppies next year..Ha. Give your Mum a hug from me. joyce.

Anonymous said...

Great article in the Pontypridd Observer Marcus.
Remembrance Day:
A spokesman for the Royal British Legion said: "It went very well. We had an excellent crowd, the march was good and the service in St Catherine's Church was excellent as always"