Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More Harry

...Oh yes. This week's Graham Norton Show, available on the iPlayer for seven days for UK viewers is a must for Harry fans. He chats with Graham alongside Welsh duo Katherine Jenkins & Rob Brydon (not that they are a duo, but they are Welsh and there is two of them). Harry is obviously taken with KJ and bemused by RB; well, maybe it's a Welsh thing...

It's quite fun - the competition of who sang at the most famous birthday party (Sinatra, Streisand, er...Brydon) is very amusing; as was the throwaway revelation that Ioan Gruffudd has a Welsh Bar in his garage in LA where he invites friends around to watch the rugby, with KJ singing the anthem - for real.

Oh yes, it's very Welsh, invite a few friends around for the rugby, and get a major singing star to sing the anthem. Actually, in the village that is South Wales, it is very believable behaviour!

And though I thought the "dogs singing opera" extract was going to be dull, the "live" via skype duet of Katherine Jenkins and a Westie from Canada on O Mio Babino Caro was pure genius.

PLUS - Harry sings All The Way from the new CD at the end, and is excellent.

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