Sunday, April 18, 2010


So Chris, my very good friend from Orlando, took Gill, Ben & I to Disneyworld yesterday - and we had a terrific time.

Disney is great - if you are with the right people. And we had a super time, cos we had a lot of fun together, with just the right mix of Mickey taking (oh yes) at each other's expense and simple enjoyment of the moment. The "Tower of Terror" has you cringeing as you wait... but then when you get thrown into the air & it drops down, it is just better to scream alomg with everyone else...

The sun shone most of the day, with a little cloud cover later in the day giving us a bit of a break. And though Gill tried to clog our arteries with a huge breakfast buffet, we walked most of it off.

I still enjoy the Star Wars ride - which I first rode 20 years ago, and which back then was pretty amazing - but the Tower is much better now. And I also enjoyed the simple pleasure of walking around the Epcot lake and wandering past the different national attractions there - I confess the Grey Goose Slushy (lemon, vodka, ice) was a highlight.

Gill & Chris had pleasure is spotting the odd fashion victim. Which I was not - we declared my stetson a total success. Plus - the others never lost sight of me.
Ben - well, there were the occasional moments when he flagged. But I agreed with him: as Gill & Chris dashed off excitedly to shop for Christmas ornaments. In April. For example.

Apologies to Chris for this picture - but his reaction to eating the sour powder that came in 12", 24" or 30" tubes was priceless. And Thanks to Chris for being official photographer for the day - and for putting up with my regular suggestions for photo moments... Chris: you have the patience of a saint!

A lovely family day. Lots of smiles, laughs, vodka slushy and walking endlessly around cheery Disney sites. By the way - what's with the Spanish announcements? They sound so angry! Someone should tell them to chill. Though enjoying a holiday is slightly marred when you don't know if you can get home. And yes, I posted a "funny" on my facebook about the ash cloud, but seriously, I am as worried as everyone else. Enjoying a break away is in part conditional on knowing there is a home at the end of it...

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