Sunday, May 16, 2010


O yes - here we are in the five hundreds now. That last piece was the four hundredth on this site. Goodness, I just don't know when to stop do I? So this is post number 401...

And to mark the occasion, let's be frivolous. TV review time.

I hope you all caught Doctor Who last night. Best episode of the new Doctor to date. I have felt throughout this series that we have been watching 55 minute episodes badly cut into 45 minute time slots. There have been clunks in plots, references to things we just haven't seen, and clearly bits missing. But last night we had a wonderful little fairy tale - the kind of sci-fi musing that only Doctor Who tells. Beautiful. Humorous, deep, touching. And only one moment that jarred (an alien, who was of course an old woman, called the Doctor "Doctor" though she had never met him, and no-one stopped to ask - "how did you know his name?") but we'll forgive it as the rest was so glorious.

Though Sam and the wonderfully pregnant Steph had their own take on the episode, and Sam had to be very careful as a result...

Incidentally, the other week apparently the BBC ran a trail over the end of an episode for the following programme. This garnered 5,000 complaints. Watch here for Graham Norton's rather excellent response & apology!

One other thing I saw this week which I'd like to share: I have a fondness for Strictly, and do enjoy its US counterpart, Dancing With The Stars. There was a foxtrot with Nicole Scherzinger (she's the celebrity - Pussycat Dolls) and Derek Hough (the best pro on the show, who turns in outstanding choreography season after season) which simply made me smile. Watch and enjoy!

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