Tuesday, May 04, 2010

the joy of facebook

So I'm doing my nightly round up of the facebook homepage, and I find this evening to be a particularly great example of just how wonderful a world is revealed by this excellent internet tool. Here follows some of what's on my homepage (I have shortened or changed names in order to avoid libel suits):

David S likes Desmond Tutu and Physiotherapy.
Together? I didn't know the Archbishop offered this service.

James H on the other hand writes quite fully of his activities: Busy evening! Changed the toilet syphon, been to the gym, made some particle effects. How very productive...
You can never make enough particle effects, can you? But at least he'd changed the toilet syphon first.

The varied lives of clergy are put under the spotlight.
My: PRAISE GOD for Llandaff Diocese putting a jacuzzi in the vicarage. The very definition of good clean fun... Now: chicken tikka massala here I come!
sits right next to Mark T's:
Mark T is praying for the 21 engineer regiment and all their families
I guess he wins on holiness points.

Prizes for astute observations of the day are shared between Neil P and Martin T. Neil comments (and this is the only vaguely political one I'll let through - the rest of you, behave!)
If a new Tory government imposes its cap on immigrants, we'll struggle to field an England cricket team - which made me laugh. I'm not sure they include the Irish in the cap, so we might still get away with it...
And Martin's: Your hair has superhero powers over oil spills! Seriously! sounds amazing, really has me wondering, and I'm clicking onto Google right now in order to contact BP...

For sheer wonder at the mysteries of life, Aled is always good value:
Near Manchester airport watching lots of gadgets that fly - brilliant!
Those of you who know Aled can just hear his voice...
Though Ed W is obviously drinking the same water:
When did Oxo cubes become X-shaped? That's made my day
It's the little things, as St David would say.

Not that today was St David's Day, obviously. Oh no. The guardian of all things liturgical, Ricky C, kept us on track with this - and with his greeting I also finish and bid you adieu:
Ricky C would like to wish all his Facebook status readers a happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you...

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