Sunday, January 30, 2011

O my word

I enjoy reading various blogs. Those from friends at Asbury are amongst my favourites. Of course, if you are a regular, you'll know the links down at the right hand side of this page. Chad Brooks is a great blogger, and I think that the current (Jan 30th - though it's been there for days, and I've just had it brought to my attention) snippet from his site Outside is Better listed there is neither intentional, complete nor typical.

Still, it is funny.

In case he removes or updates, I will record exactly what is there right now. Sometimes the internet has a wonderful way of editing life:

Outside is Better
" I have spent some time over the last few weeks updating the feel of the site and launched last night. Since I will be transitioning from the role of a stud..."

Glorious. And you thought I just gave you worship site links.

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