Monday, July 11, 2011

moving day

A very moving day. The dog is all over the place, and frankly so am I. Chris & Carl, my two removal men, have been great. Most of the work has been done now, we'll be off in the morning, and in Leeds for mid-afternoon. (Thanks again to the wonderful efficiency of Clare & David Mac).

One friend was standing by the church gate earlier; a passing elderly gent told her - the vicar is going. Been here Eleven years. They haven't found a replacement yet.

Good to know the grapevine is accurate.

I used to live here. My house is becoming hollow. Clean, warm rooms are looking like tired, musty, damp shells. Echoes of themselves. Memories of laughter sound around them. The kitchen remembers Podcaths & Bible Studies and Alphas and then sighs - and forgets.

The dining room wonders where the piano was.

The study is a repository for unwanted furniture. Not yet wanted furniture. Not yet wanted books. Someone will claim them again. But not me, not here.

I used to live here. I am moved, am moving, am emotional and in motion.

Farewell, vicarage.


R.S. said...

Thanks for marking such a moving occasion with beautiful words. Blessings in the next steps

Anonymous said...

It was awful to see the van outside your home and plainly stating yes you are really leaving us. I really dont think reality has kicked in for a lot of us at St Catherines. It has been a privilege to know you,. joyce

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm about to move and found you're account very moving. My house will soon feel the same as yours. (Intrigued as to how you get the wonderful Clare and David Mac to help!) I hope the rest of your move goes well. What are you doing next?

Marcus Green said...

Jeanette - lovely to hear from you! Again we will be about an hour away from each other as I think you will be in Manchester and I in Leeds. Let's do better about meeting up!

Anonymous said...

All the very best in your new job and lovely new home xx love sharon brian and josh xx