Monday, August 15, 2011

rise of the planet of the king's speech


I went to the cinema to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I was about to book on line on the Odeon website when, fiddling around in my wallet as I was trying to pay, I found a comp slip.

When I saw the King's Speech in Cardiff, at the Odeon in the Bay, it was a preview screening, and for the first twenty seconds or so the picture had a slight shake. Nothing major. Those of you who use the Nantgarw Showcase live with worse every time you go.

But - at the end, they apologised for the fault at the start and handed out these passes so we could attend another showing for free.

That pass has stayed in my wallet ever since, gradually disintegrating. Till Saturday.

When I found it, I cancelled my online booking, got in the car, drove the five minutes to the Leeds Bradford Odeon, and showed my scrap of paper to the nice Asian guy on duty who very kindly said - Of course it was fine, no problem. Free ticket.

Now, I hadn't really thought about it, but of course this was the perfect companion film to the King's Speech.

After all, both are films with men in monkey suits learning to speak.
Both see the "hero" lead his nation at the start of a war against a seemingly undefeatable foe.
One bears the title "King", the other is named "Caesar".
Both mute heroes find themselves inspired by a teacher who is at times a friend, at times a foe.
Both are breaking out of prisons; one mental, one physical.
Both films feature primates. OK, the primate in the King's Speech is the Primate of All England, but don't you love the English language?

Any other unlikely film pairings out there? The photos above are of Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush (top) and a monkey with James Franco (below). That monkey deserves an oscar.

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