Sunday, December 18, 2011

ever rolling stream

So here he is. My successor. The future unveiled! Peter Lewis, vicar of the Vale of Neath parish in Llandaff Diocese has been appointed to St Catherine's in Pontypridd.

An excellent appointment! Peter & I were contemporaries in Oxford as undergraduates, I think have both enjoyed time in Aberystwyth, and I have seen his work in the Vale of Neath and been impressed by it no end. He is a deeply committed man of God, and he and Martine will be wonderful servants for the community of Pontypridd.

I left for all sorts of reasons. High on that list was the very strong sense that I had done what I was supposed to do, and that I needed to go so that someone else could come and take the church on in ways that I could not. Peter is such a "someone else". He will build on what has happened over the last eleven years, but will take things as the Lord leads him, and will bless both the church and the community as he does so. He has an enormous heart to reach out and draw people to faith, and the way he stood up and spoke out for a community this year during the Gleision Colliery tragedy showed his calibre.

His involvement with New Wine Wales has been excellent, and I am glad of that too. I remember him as a fine flautist - and I am sure he will encourage the growing band of enthusiastic musicians who are gathering together at St Catherine's.

I did not speak to anyone, suggesting they should apply for the job, after I left or whilst I was preparing to leave. If I had done so, Peter would have been at the top of my list. Not because he would copy me - far from it. But because he is strong, godly, obedient and faithful. Such a man will bless any community. I am thrilled he is going to Pontypridd. Praise God!

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Well that's an early Christmas present!