Sunday, January 01, 2012

something true

I’ve been considering my New Year’s Resolutions. And, knowing myself to be as frail as the next man, and as liable to failure as to success, this is more of a prayer, but - 
Lord, you say “Don’t judge lest you be judged, and that by the same standard you foist on others”. Well then, make me more judgmental this year. 
Make me judge people kindly, that when they come to judge me I might receive a bit of undeserved generosity from time to time.
And when people sin against me, let me judge them with forgiveness. Just in case, when I make a mess, they might make the same call over me.
When people are wasting my time Lord, let me judge them worthy of grace. Worth a bit more time, just because. It’s a gift. And whenever I presume upon somebody else too much, may this gift come home to roost.
When I’ve had enough of someone Lord, may I grant them another chance. Chances are, I’ll need to feel the merits of this one pointed back my way more than once in the twelve months ahead.
And when I see someone whom I don’t like, may I judge them worthy of being loved. Goodness knows I don’t like myself sometimes, and I pray that others may find me lovable when I am being particularly - you know, me.
When the temptation arises to use people and love things, so that life is easier & I can get on and do well, may I judge people to be priceless and things inconsequential. May I judge my path to be no greater than anyone else’s. May I weigh truth and eternity in a moment and remember that you are always here so that I can rest easy and never worry - and in doing so remember always to love my neighbour. For then perhaps I will have been someone who has seen something true with your eyes, and just maybe I too may be judged a human being, for a moment reflecting what it is to be made in your image, loving you with my heart, soul & strength.   
Yes Lord. This year, make me more judgmental. And may I remember this prayer and dare to live it out.

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