Saturday, February 11, 2012


"Are you feeling drowsy?" asked the anaesthetist. "No," I replied.
And in a moment it was two and a half hours later & I was being brought round in the recovery room. A small op on my back was over, and it was time to start getting better.
I'm grateful for much care & prayer from many people. I'm grateful for the presence of Jesus through all this. At New Year I was with Chris & Ruth when I dreamed I would be having this op on February 9th, & I got home to the letter that had the date in it. On Wednesday evening, before going into hospital, I was again dreaming - this time of being with a group of friends, driving in the desert, and reading from Matthew's Gospel to them. The verse I focussed on was:
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Of course, the words that follow these are:
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow. 
I was worried; so these words made themselves heard loud & clear.
Generally, this is a time of remembering priorities. As a worshipper of Jesus, putting him first, his kingdom, the relationship with him, and trusting all else to second place - this is an important order of my life. It's good to know it seeps so deep it lies in my subconscious. It's comforting that in the re-ordering of my life that is still happening, God finds space in the quiet of the night to make sure that the most important truths will out. 
You never know what life throws at you. But taking life as it comes, and making the most of it - that's the trick. I may have felt drowsy after all, but I hope I didn't miss anything. I hope I don't miss anything. Salvation is, after all, about the road to recovery, and I have songs to sing along the way.

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