Saturday, February 04, 2012

scary snow

I left David MacInnes' glorious 80th birthday party & started to head home. The forecast was for heavy snow over the entire 200 mile journey, and it had already started before I left Oxford.

"Lord, keep me safe..."

Within 30 miles I was driving in impassable conditions. Still, only another 170 to go.

I have never seen anything like it. I actually didn't see the road for 60 miles at one stage - and this is driving on the M1, mind you, the main motorway artery in the country. Too much snow on it. Even when the car in front was close enough to make tracks, they were still white in the glare of my headlamps. Occasionally, there were lit stretches of road, which were much easier. Finding yourself in the middle of a six-lane highway with no idea where the road is in front of you is a fascinating experience.

I wondered about pulling over (for those of you thinking this might have been a sensible option) but I wanted to get home. So on I drove.

About Sheffield, I caught sight of tarmac again, and conditions eased all the way up until I reached Leeds & then had to negotiate side roads...

Why press on? Tomorrow I am leading worship for the first time in Calverley church, and I don't want to miss it. This has been some week: Matt has been really ill, but is much better. I have had interesting news about the recovery time for my little back op next week. And David's party, thrown by the indefatigable Clare was a glorious occasion with lots of friends, and lots of memories. Being here in my local church tomorrow is somewhere I want to be. I have reasons to be thankful, and a community in which to sing. So on I drove.

And we got here, even if at the last we skidded rather than smoothly parked the car. The house is looking lovely in the snow. And Matt is glad to be home too. I am thankful for the end of today's journey, and for the continuing one I experience in my life here.

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hope it went well.....