Friday, April 13, 2012


I wrote this for a wedding in (I think) 1988. That's a long time back. It's had a few makeovers since then. And I've finally learned to play it on guitar - though the bridge has been changed in order for that to happen...

It's a simple love song, and as I recall it was based on a poem I was given, though nothing of the poem made it into the final lyric. Just the sentiment.

It was always intended to have a double edge; like the allegory of Song of Songs, a good love song should carry with it the possibility of God's voice singing over his people as well as those people singing to each other. At times I moulded the words more clearly to make that point, at times less so.

An old school friend, who was always dismissive of my piano playing (he'd hate my guitar playing too, I just know it!) always took pains (and I think it did pain him) to admire some of my melodies. If the hymn I posted last week carries my most personal theology, this melody, from half a lifetime ago, remains one of my favourites.

Ah, I don't write them like I used to.

I'll Always Love You: thanks to Andrew & Lis who asked me to write it without knowing what they were asking.

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