Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jimmy Olsen

So a comment came through yesterday on my piece about Dick France; the features editor from the Daily Telegraph wanted to use the photos I'd put up there for their obituary for Dick, which they were getting round to publishing today.

I was quite taken aback - but honoured that I might be helpful in this way. I wondered how they'd found me - Google, of course. The main pic came up as the third image on a Google search I did.

It's a nice piece; click here to read it, and to see one of the pics; they used the other in the printed version.

I wished I'd had a better one to offer them than just those two from the day Dick came to St Catherine's in 2009. The only other I could find was this one. Much as I cherish it, it's not what they were looking for! This is Dick with me at my ordination in Cardiff in 1994. Yes - that's actually me standing next to him! I know, so much hair, so young, so innocent. Well, two out of three ain't bad.

So I got a Jimmy Olsen moment; a picture in the national press. And though I fancy I have taken many better photographs over the years, a better subject or worthier person is hard to imagine.

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