Thursday, January 03, 2013

take me to your leader

On the principle of 'better late than never', I bring you my 20123 New Year's Message.

A word of explanation first. I was fortunate to be in conversation with a very significant politician last weekend. I know he was very significant; I told him so. He was complaining about every political Tom, Dick & Harry who are publishing New Year's Messages as though anybody anywhere actually cared what they thought & actually takes the time to read them or click onto the YouTube clip.

It made me stop and think - after all, my Twitter feed & email inbox have been filled both with these messages and also the religious versions of the same. Anyone who is anyone in politics and in the church (and is keen to tell me so) sends out a New Year's Message. It's de rigueur, as they say in Glyncoch.

Clearly I have missed a trick. Or I'm not reminding you of how important I actually am. So I should put that right.

Here goes...

2013 New Year's Message from Marcus Green

It is important at the turn of the year, Janus-like, to keep abreast of past and future. The very name, 2013, holds this tension within its compass.

We begin with '20', as we have done for some time, but not always. This new traditionalism goes to the heart of what goes on at the heart of all of us. We are all in this together, different communities and even other differences, but one number.

Except for the very strict members of other faith and non-faith communities who use other numbers and even mythological beasts to delineate the popular passing of time, but they too are welcome to embrace our number, and enjoy our fireworks, as we enjoy their food and interesting musical choices.

We move on to '12', at least those of us, and I count myself in that 'those of us', as I believe do most of us, and you, and we, who do so. Sorry - we move on to '13'. Which is more than '12' and demonstrates that time like an ever rolling stream adds another one, please, Carol. And a consonant.

'13' is for some unlucky, and for others, lucky. Which goes to show. But I would say this to you: It is for all of us the same '13'. No, there are no more Olympics, but there is legacy, and a rather nice DVD on sale at Sainsburys. No, there is no more Jubilee. Except for the Jubilee of the Coronation, which, if I have my way, we will celebrate with many boats being burned. Under many bridges.

But even then there are still many causes for celebration.

Many of them. You might like to reflect on them in a moment of national pondular reflection.

And others too.

So in conclusion, I wish you a Happy (though this is not to exclude the sad, criminally insane or just generally miserable, all of whom have an important part to play in the months ahead) New (though by now, slightly used, and without a receipt, I'm afraid we can't take it back) Year (being the remainder of 362 days, unless the Mayans were just slightly out; one can hope).

And all who sail in her.


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