Friday, August 02, 2013

Salvation's Songs

I was asked to offer four hymns or songs for the Induction in September. It struck me that perhaps I might write something to throw in the mix. As I started to play around with ideas, the mood of the piece and the melody and the chords kind of fell out of my fingers fairly quickly.

A little time and a little polish brought some shape.

Then I wondered what the song was saying: the first verse came simply, as is often the case. In my head, it was living somewhere between a Spiritual and a Welsh Revival hymn, so the repetition of the second line seemed acceptable. The chorus took a while. The rhyme wasn't there to begin with, and I was playing with 'cross and crown' before I found 'thorns and glory'.

What I did find, as I reached the last line, was that I automatically sang 'I will sing Salvation's Songs', and it was just one of those moments. I mean, I've been looking to write a song with that line for years. You'd think, wouldn't you? I have a book by that title. It's at the top of this page and on my Twitter feed. It's an obvious place to go. And I've never done it musically. Never even come close to it. But the other evening, it was just obvious.

So here's a song about following Jesus, about worshipping him and living in his presence. It's a heart song.

And I think we will probably give it a run out this weekend in Calverley, and if I can get through the slight summer cold that's sitting on my voice this week and all goes well, we'll add it to the order of service for September 11th too.


Anonymous said...

HI Marcus

We fell upon you just now on the web, and just wanted to say congratulations on your move to steeple Aston, and we are really excited about you joining us and want to make you feel as welcome as we can! We liked your song and hope you can play it on the 11th!

Best Wishes Ellie and Erika

Marcus Green said...

Hi there - many thanks. I don't think I'll be playing, but I'm sure we'll all be singing it!

Anonymous said...

Hi marcus im erika's child daisy I'm really exited to see you i loved your song many thanks daisy isabel spencer ...

Marcus Green said...

Thank you Daisy - I'm excited to meet you too!

Anonymous said...

hello marcus its me again were you at the flower show I'm daisy at the flower show i got highly commended for 3 cup cakes and a photo of my dog called chewy.i also came 3rd for a grown ups collage and i came 2nd for a drawing and 1st for a jungle on a plate !! last night we had a party and gran is coming today from daisy .