Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Hardest Thing...

...is knowing that today is the last full warm day I get this year.

Well, tomorrow will be pretty good. But tomorrow will be the travel day. Packing. Shorts get put away. Then it's the airport & the plane, and back to the cold & the wet on Thursday -

And I don't just mean the dog's nose.

It took me forever to wind down when I got here. I finally managed it a couple of days ago, and started to sleep (it has been months since I really slept). And now it's time to go home & parachute back onto the escalator. I fear this paragraph reveals more about me than it should!

I love being away; I love coming home. Mum called yesterday, with Matty barking in the background and I was ready to be back with my Springer Spaniel! Even without the sunshine. Being in someone else's church was fun - but it made me miss my own and want to be back with them, finding new vision and implementing it.

Yes. I will miss the heat. And the rest. But life is for living, not just for blogging. Time to go do some living.


MMP said...


Marcus G said...


Too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

The warmth and the sunshine will be provided by family and friends!


MMP said...

Of Course Wales has sunshine!
You've been away far too long, it's begining to affect your memory.

And your sister ( if tis she) speaks truth